These terms and conditions (the “Booking Contract”) are entered into between the owner of the accommodation (“we”, “us” and “our”) and the traveller(s) booking our property (the “Rental”) via one of our holiday rental websites,, (the “Website”). They are binding.

Each of these reservations is referred to hereinafter as a “Reservation” in the Reservation Contract. The terms “you” and “your” refer to the person making the Reservation and all travellers associated with the Reservation.

All Reservations are governed by the Reservation Contract. This Reservation Contract and our e-mail confirmation constitutes the entire agreement between you and us. We will please read them carefully. Nothing in this Reservation Contract shall have any bearing on your usual rights guaranteed by law.

It has been agreed between the parties, as described below under the following conditions:


The parties agree that the rental which is the subject hereof is a seasonal rental, of which the duration cannot exceed 90 days. The leased premises of the contract are buildings rented on a seasonal basis.


The two modes of Reservation are as follows:

– you can book a Rental with us by paying the amount specified in the initial quotation that we have communicated to you via the Website (the “Quotation”), after we have accepted your booking request; the Reservation will be validated and this Reservation Contract will come into force after the Initial Deposit (see definition below) or full payment has been received, and you have received an email confirming the Reservation and specifying its Cancellation Conditions (see definition below) ;

– you can send us a booking request form (“Booking Request Form”) via the Website and pay the full payment or the Initial Rental Charge; the Booking will be confirmed and this Booking Contract will come into force after we have received the full payment or the Initial Rental Charge.

If the Quotation or Booking Request Form states that:

– you must make full payment, this means that you must pay the full amount of the Reservation by the due date;

– you must pay an initial deposit (“Initial Deposit”) and then the balance (“Balance”), this means that you must make both payments by the due date.


You will be required to pay the required security deposit (“Security Deposit”), together with any other charges (“Other Charges”) specified in the Confirmation Email at the same time as the full payment or payment of your Balance (as applicable).

Before making any payment in relation to your Reservation, we will

please read the details of the Quotation or Booking Request Form carefully, as well as confirmation e-mail, and to inform us immediately if you believe that the said documents are erroneous or incomplete.


If you have paid only an Initial Deposit, you must pay the Balance and may be required to pay the Security Deposit and/or Other Charges by the due date prior to the date of arrival (the “Date of Arrival”) stated in the confirmation email. If you fail to pay the Balance due to us in full within the time limit If you do not accept the terms and conditions, we will be entitled to treat your Reservation as having been cancelled by you and to apply the Cancellation Conditions (see definition below).


For the security deposit related to your stay, we use Swikly so you can manage your security deposit easily via debit or credit card transaction without having to pay in advance.  This is not a payment and you will not be debited for the amount requested, but you authorise the payment if a problem occurs.


To cancel or modify your Reservation, you must send us an e-mail as soon as possible. You can also use the link to the page summarising your Reservation to notify us of a cancellation via the website. However, we invite you to contact us before any such cancellation. A cancellation or change will only take effect after we have received confirmation from you. Your Reservation is governed by the terms and conditions of cancellation (“Terms and Conditions”).

Cancellation”) described in the confirmation e-mail. We will refund all amounts due to you under the terms of the agreed Cancellation Terms.


– a Balance due from you is not paid within the time limits set out in the Cancellation Terms or

– you do not show up at the rental within 24 hours of your scheduled arrival time without informing us;

we shall be entitled to treat your Reservation as having been cancelled by you and to apply the Cancellation Conditions.


In principle, we will not make any changes to a Reservation made between you and us.

However, certain problems may arise, requiring the modification or even cancellation of the latter. In this case, we will contact you as soon as possible to inform you. In the event of cancellation of your Reservation, we will reimburse all amounts paid by you.

However, we cannot be held responsible for the reimbursement of amounts that you have paid. you may have paid to third parties in connection with your holiday (e.g. the costs of

travel, leisure, activities or insurance).


This seasonal rental agreement is concluded for your benefit. Assignment of the lease or subleasing, in whole or in part, is strictly prohibited.


You may arrive at the Rental after the time we specify on the Arrival Date for your holiday, but you must leave the Rental at the time we specify on the Departure Date.

We will inform you of these times in writing before your stay.

If your arrival is delayed, you must contact the person whose contact details are included in the booking confirmation email to make alternative arrangements. Failure to do so may result in you being unable to access the Rental. If you do not arrive no later than 12 noon on the day after the Scheduled Arrival Date and have failed to inform the contact person of your delay, we will be entitled to treat the Reservation as cancelled and to refuse any refund. of the fees that you will have already paid us.

For more details, please read the Cancellation conditions.


You undertake to comply with any internal rules applicable to the Rental, as well as any reasonable rules that we may specify, and to ensure that they are complied with by all travellers associated with the Reservation. You undertake to keep and leave the Rental Property and its furniture, including items such as kitchenware and crockery, clean and in good condition.

You undertake not to damage the walls, doors, windows and other components of the Rental, and not to do anything which may be a source of nuisance or annoyance to us or to any other occupant of neighbouring properties.

You undertake to take all necessary measures to preserve your personal property. during your stay in the Rental.

You undertake to ensure that each traveller associated with the Reservation is covered by comprehensive travel insurance (including cancellation, flight delays, loss and damage to luggage or other objects), as well as health insurance (including evacuation and repatriation).

The number of persons staying in the Rental must not exceed the number of persons expressly authorised. You are not permitted to substantially change the composition of the group of persons staying in the Rental Unit. You are also not allowed to bring your pet. If you do so, we shall be entitled to deny you access to the Rental or require you to leave it. We will treat all such circumstances as a cancellation by you of the Reservation, releasing us from any obligation to reimburse you for the

charges that you would have already paid us. Any eventual refund will be made to our entire discretion.

You undertake to authorise us and our representatives to access the Rental in the event of a dispute. reasonable time during your stay, in order to carry out essential repairs, in in case of emergency or to check that you are complying with the terms of this Booking Agreement.


We have spared no effort to make your holiday enjoyable and memorable. If, in spite of our efforts, you feel that you have reason to complain, it is important that the measures necessary to remedy the situation should be taken as soon as possible.

It is therefore essential that you contact us in the event of a problem, so that we can remedy it quickly. It is often very difficult (if not impossible) for us to resolve certain problems properly if we are not informed of them quickly. By letting us know your criticisms when you live in the Rental, you enable us to remedy many problems immediately. In particular, complaints of a transitory nature (for example

concerning the preparation or heating of the swimming pool) can only be examined if you formulate them during the period of residence.

If a complaint is not resolved during your stay, you must send us an e-mail with all the necessary details within 28 days of the end of your Reservation.

In order to clear up any misunderstandings, if you have a complaint in relation to your Reservation or the Rental, you should always contact us.

11. PETS

Pets in the accommodation are forbidden, regardless of the length of time, except by express written authorization;


The outdoor swimming pool is for your exclusive use. It is equipped with a security cover, and an immersion detection system. The pool meets the safety standards imposed by French legislation to prevent the risk of drowning. These devices must not take the place of vigilance that your must observe for his or her children or any other person.

Therefore, the use of the pool is the sole responsibility of you, and at no time can the owner be held responsible for any incident occurring in or around the pool.


This Booking Agreement (including any non-contractual obligations arising out of or associated with it) between you and us is governed by French law. You and we agree that any dispute, controversy or other matter between us shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the French courts.


You are not entitled to transfer your Reservation nor the rights and responsibilities arising from the this Booking Contract to anyone without our prior written consent.

If, at any time, any part of this Booking Agreement is held to be inapplicable to for any reason whatsoever under the applicable law, the said party would be considered as having been omitted and such omission would not affect the applicability of the remaining parts.

This Booking Agreement together with the Cancellation Terms and Conditions and our email from confirmation constitute the entire agreement between you and us in relation to the Reservation. They replace any previous agreements, arrangements and discussions between you and us, in verbal or written form. No commitment, interpretation or promise shall be deemed to be or implied by anything said or written in the negotiations between you and the company. us prior to receipt of the confirmation e-mail, except where expressly stated otherwise. in this Reservation Contract. Neither you nor we will have any recourse in relation to any misrepresentation made by the other party, on which the latter relied at the time of the conclusion of this Reservation Contract (unless such declaration is made voluntarily by the customer). fraudulent). Such party’s sole remedy shall be to report the breach of this Agreement by the other party. reservation in accordance with the provisions hereof.

We shall not be deemed to be in breach of this Agreement to reservation, nor liable for any failure or delay in its execution resulting from circumstances beyond our reasonable control, such as flood, fire, earthquake, earthquake explosion or accident.

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